{June 5, 2012}   My elephant friend

A child became lost in a forest. He started to cry.

At that moment, an elephant passed by and saw him crying.

“Child, why are you crying?” the elephant asked.

“I’ve lost my mother,” the child said.

“Don’t cry. I’ll stay with you until you find your mother,” the elephant told him.

“Oh! My body is going up in the air. Wow! This is fun,” the child said as the elephant gently picked him up.

The elephant put the child on his back. “Elephant, I want to go down, now,” said the child.

“Ha, ha! Wow! Your trunk is like a slide!” the child exclaimed.

“This time, it’s like a swing. This is so much fun. Ha, ha, ha!” shouted the child.

“Elephant, your ears are like cymbals . Cling! Ha, ha! How fun it is!”

“Let’s sing a song. Hickory dickory dock! The mouse ran up the clock! The clock struck one, the mouse ran down! Hickory dickory dock! Cling!” sang the child.

“Uh? There’s my mother. Mother, here I am!” the child shouted.

“Thank you, elephant. I had a good time. If we meet, again, let’s play together some more,” the child said.

The elephant was happy because the child had a good time with him. Also, he was very happy that the child found his mother.


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